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PDFWAC 51-51-0326

Section R326—Habitable attic.

R326.1 General.Habitable attics shall comply with Sections R326 through R326.4.
R326.2 Minimum dimensions. A habitable attic shall have a minimum floor area in accordance with Section R304 and a ceiling height in accordance with Section R305.
R326.3 Story above grade plane. A habitable attic shall be considered a story above grade plane.
A habitable attic shall not be considered a story above grade plane provided that the habitable attic meets all the following requirements:
1. The aggregate area of the habitable attic is not greater than one-half of the floor area of the story below.
2. The habitable attic is located within a dwelling unit equipped with a fire sprinkler system in accordance with Section P2904 or NFPA 13D.
3. The occupiable space is enclosed by the roof assembly above, knee walls (if applicable) on the sides and the floor-ceiling assembly below.
4. The floor of the habitable attic shall not extend beyond the exterior walls of the story below.
R326.4 Means of egress. The means of egress for habitable attics shall comply with the applicable provisions of Section R311.
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