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PDFWAC 484-20-010


The following words or phrases are used in this chapter in the meaning given, unless the context clearly indicates another meaning.
(1) Admission team - A team consisting of a designated veterans benefit specialist, an admissions coordinator, and designated medical or nursing staff.
(2) Adjudicative proceeding - In accordance with RCW 34.05.010(1), an adjudicative proceeding is a proceeding before an agency in which an opportunity for hearing before that agency is required by statute or constitutional right before or after the entry of an action by the agency.
(3) Administrative action - An act (as defined in RCW 34.05.010(3)) taken by the agency or state veterans home which implements or enforces a statute, applies an agency rule or order, or imposes sanctions or withholds benefits.
(4) Comprehensive care plan - A plan which outlines details of health care for medicaid certified nursing facility residents.
(5) Cost of care.
(a) Daily rate - The daily charge for room and board, nursing care, and covered ancillary items and services.
(b) Private rate - The daily rate, established by WDVA, to provide care and services to residents who do not meet medicaid institutional long-term care eligibility requirements according to WAC 182-513-1315. There is a different rate for nursing care and domiciliary care.
(c) Resident contribution - The monthly amount a resident pays to the state veterans home for the cost of care. If the resident is a medicaid recipient, the resident contribution is determined by the appropriate community service office. If the resident is not a medicaid recipient, the resident contribution is determined by the facility. The resident contribution is recalculated with any change in the resident's monthly income.
(6) Department - The department of veterans affairs.
(7) Director - The director of the department of veterans affairs or his/her designee.
(8) Domiciliary care - Shelter, food, and necessary medical care on an ambulatory self-care basis to assist eligible veterans who are suffering from a disability, disease or defect of such a degree that incapacitates the veteran from earning a living. However, the veteran, although not in need of hospitalization or nursing care services, needs to attain the physical, mental, and social well-being through special rehabilitative programs to restore the veteran to the highest level of functioning.
(9) Facility - Refers to either the Washington veterans home, or the Washington soldiers home, or the eastern Washington veterans home (also known as the Spokane veterans home), or the Walla Walla veterans home.
(10) Gold star parent – A parent whose child or children died while serving in the armed forces.
(11) Grievance - An oral or written statement of any difficulty, disagreement, or dispute relating in any way to a facility, a resident or facility staff.
(12) Grievance investigator - State veterans home social service staff or another appropriate person requested by the resident who investigates a grievance.
(13) Income - The receipt by an individual of any property or service which he/she can apply either directly, by sale, or conversion to meet his/her basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.
(a) Earned income - Gross wages for services rendered and/or net earnings from self-employment. Earned income received at predictable intervals other than monthly or in unequal amounts will be converted to a monthly basis.
(b) Unearned income - All other income.
(14) Medicaid certified nursing facility - Refers to those nursing care units of each state veterans home that are medicaid certified as described under WAC 388-97-0001.
(15) Personal needs allowance - In accordance with chapter 72.36 RCW the amount which a resident may retain from his/her income.
(16) Resources - Cash or other liquid assets or any real or personal property that an individual or spouse, if any, owns and could convert to cash to be used for support or maintenance.
(a) When an individual can reduce a liquid asset to cash, it is a resource.
(b) If an individual cannot reduce an asset to cash, it is not considered an available resource.
(c) Liquid - Assets that are in cash or are financial instruments which are convertible to cash such as, but not limited to, cash in hand, stocks, savings, checking accounts, mutual fund shares, mortgage, promissory notes.
(d) Nonliquid - All other property both real and personal shall be evaluated according to the price that can reasonably be expected to sell for on the open market in the particular geographical area involved.
(17) Resident - An individual who resides at a state veterans home.
(18) Resident council - A group of residents elected in accordance with RCW 72.36.150 by facility residents.
(19) Social leave - An approved absence for residents.
(20) State veterans home - Refers to the Washington soldiers home and colony in Orting, the Washington veterans home in Retsil, the eastern Washington veterans home (also known as the Spokane veterans home), the Walla Walla veterans home, or all.
(21) Staff - Any individual hired to provide care and services at the state veterans homes.
(22) Superintendent - The licensed nursing home administrator appointed by the director to administer the day-to-day operations of a state veterans home.
Interim superintendent is a licensed nursing home administrator, appointed by the director to administer the day-to-day operations of a state veterans home, and who may or may not be a veteran. The director may appoint an interim superintendent while a superintendent candidate is completing an administrator in training program, or whenever a suitable candidate is not available.
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