Chapter 484-20 WAC

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WAC Sections

484-20-015Application for admission.
484-20-020Conditions of eligibility for admission.
484-20-023Admission to a state veterans home.
484-20-024Resident payment information.
484-20-025Eligibility—State residency.
484-20-030Eligibility—Military service.
484-20-035Eligibility—Transfer of resources.
484-20-045Eligibility—Inability to support self/need for care.
484-20-055Eligibility—Surviving spouse of veteran.
484-20-060Eligibility—Married couple or domestic partnership.
484-20-061Resident assessment and care plan.
484-20-063Bed hold.
484-20-065Use of residents' income and resources.
484-20-068Resident council.
484-20-070State veterans home benefit fund.
484-20-080Annual declaration of income and resources.
484-20-085Resident behavior and facility practices.
484-20-086Restraints/prevention of abuse—Medicaid certified nursing facility.
484-20-087Resident rights.
484-20-088Quality of life—Medicaid certified nursing facility.
484-20-090State veterans home rules.
484-20-095Supplementary policies and procedures.
484-20-103Administrative action, notice of.
484-20-105Dispute settlement.
484-20-111Grievance procedure.
484-20-116Social leave.
484-20-120Transfer and discharge of state veterans home residents.
484-20-135Transfer from one state veterans home to another.
484-20-145Burial in the state veterans home cemetery.
484-20-150Population level.
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