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PDFWAC 480-93-124

Pipeline markers.

(1) Each gas pipeline company must place pipeline markers at the following locations:
(a) Where practical, over pipelines operating above two hundred fifty psig;
(b) Over mains and transmission lines crossing navigable waterways (custom signage may be required to ensure visibility);
(c) Over mains and transmission lines at river, creek, drainage ditch, or irrigation canal crossings where hydraulic scouring, dredging, or other activity could pose a risk to the pipeline (custom signage may be required to ensure visibility);
(d) Over gas pipelines at railroad crossings;
(e) At above ground gas pipelines except service risers, meter set assemblies, and gas pipeline company owned piping downstream of the meter set assembly. The minimum lettering size requirements located in 49 C.F.R. § 192.707 (d)(1) do not apply to services;
(f) Over mains located in Class 1 and 2 locations;
(g) Over transmission lines in Class 1 and 2 locations, and where practical, over transmission lines in Class 3 and 4 locations; and
(h) Over mains and transmission lines at interstate, U.S. and state route crossings where practical.
(2) If practical, the gas pipeline company must place markers on both sides of any crossing listed in subsection (1) of this section.
(3) Where markers are required on buried gas pipelines, they must be placed approximately five hundred yards apart and at points of horizontal deflection if practical.
(4) Where gas pipelines are attached to bridges or otherwise span an area, each gas pipeline company must place pipeline markers at both ends of the suspended pipeline. Each gas pipeline company must conduct surveys of pipeline markers required by this subsection at least annually, not to exceed fifteen months.
(5) Each gas pipeline company must replace markers that are reported damaged or missing within forty-five days.
(6) Surveys of pipeline markers not associated with subsection (4) of this section must be conducted at least every five calendar years but not to exceed sixty-three months, to ensure that markers are visible and legible.
(a) Each gas pipeline company must keep on file the last two surveys, or all surveys for the past five years, whichever number of surveys is greater.
(b) Survey records must include a description of the system and area surveyed.
(7) Each gas pipeline company must have records such as maps or drawings sufficient to indicate class locations and other areas where pipeline markers are required.
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