Chapter 480-93 WAC

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WAC Sections

480-93-007Application of rules—Responsibility for contractors.
480-93-008Additional requirements.
480-93-012Computation of time.
480-93-013Covered tasks.
480-93-015Odorization of gas.
480-93-017Filing requirements for design, specification, and construction procedures.
480-93-020Proximity considerations.
480-93-040Location of gas compressor stations on gas pipelines.
480-93-080Welder and plastic joiner identification and qualification.
480-93-110Corrosion control.
480-93-115Casing of line pipes.
480-93-124Pipeline markers.
480-93-130Multistage pressure regulation.
480-93-140Service regulators.
480-93-155Increasing maximum allowable operating pressure.
480-93-160Reporting requirements of proposed construction.
480-93-170Tests and reports for gas pipelines.
480-93-175Moving and lowering metallic gas pipelines.
480-93-178Protection of plastic pipe.
480-93-180Plans and procedures.
480-93-185Gas leak investigation.
480-93-186Leak evaluation.
480-93-18601Leak classification and action criteria—Grade—Definition—Priority of leak repair.
480-93-187Gas leak records.
480-93-188Gas leak surveys.
480-93-200Reporting requirements.
480-93-223Civil penalty for violation of chapter 81.88 RCW and commission gas safety rules.
480-93-230Exemptions from rules in chapter 480-93 WAC.
480-93-240Annual pipeline safety fee methodology.
480-93-250Damage prevention.
480-93-999Adoption by reference.
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