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PDFWAC 460-80-135

Franchise registration amendment and renewal instructions.

An application to renew or amend a franchise registration must comply with the following requirements:
(1) An application for renewal of a franchise registration must be filed with the director no later than fifteen business days prior to the expiration of registration in order to avoid a lapse in registration and the need to file an initial application for registration. If the registration has already expired, the applicant must mark the application as an initial registration and pay the fee required for filing an initial application for registration in RCW 19.100.240.
(2) An amendment to a franchise application is required to be filed as soon as reasonably possible and in any case, before the further sale of any franchise, if a material adverse change in the condition of the franchisor or any of its subfranchisors or any material change in the information contained in its Franchise Disclosure Document should occur.
(3) The following documents must be filed for each amendment or application for renewal of a franchise registration:
(a) A completed application marked amendment or renewal, as applicable. If the application is for renewal, do not mark the amendment boxes on the application even if the documents have been revised since the last filing.
(b) All documents set forth in WAC 460-80-125 required for an initial application with all additions, deletions and other changes to the previously filed documents black-lined. Changes must be clearly marked so that each change is noticed easily. Do not use margin balloons or color highlights to show changes. Do not use less than 11 point type for changed text. Use a black-lining system that underlines changes and shows deletions by a strike through.
(c) A clean copy of the updated Franchise Disclosure Document.
(4) If the director requires changes to any documents submitted, the franchisor must file a complete clean copy of the revised Franchise Disclosure Document and any other revised documents, and a black-lined copy of all the revised pages, unless directed otherwise.
(5) All applications for renewal or amendment of a franchise shall be filed through the online franchise filing system administered by the director.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.100.250. WSR 19-08-034, § 460-80-135, filed 3/27/19, effective 4/27/19. Statutory Authority: Chapter 19.100 RCW, RCW 19.100.250, 19.100.010, 19.100.030, 19.100.040, 19.100.050, 19.100.070, 19.100.080, 19.100.100, and 19.100.110. WSR 09-22-050, § 460-80-135, filed 10/29/09, effective 11/29/09.]
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