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PDFWAC 460-80-125

Franchise registration application instructions.

The following must be adhered to with respect to all applications for registration, registration renewal or registration amendment:
(1) Completion of application. An application for registration of the offer or sale of franchises shall include the following, all of which shall be verified by means of the prescribed signature page:
(a) Application;
(b) Supplemental information page(s);
(c) Seller disclosure form;
(d) A copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document.
(2) The following shall be attached to the application:
(a) A consent to service of process; and
(b) One copy of any advertising to be used in connection with the offer or sale in this state of franchises.
(3) Submission of application. All applications for registration, renewal, or amendment of a franchise shall be filed through the online franchise filing system administered by the director.
(4) Disclosure: The offering circular shall be prepared in accordance with the Instructions for Preparation of the Franchise Disclosure Document contained in section IV. of the 2008 Franchise Registration and Disclosure Guidelines promulgated by the North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc. (NASAA).
(5) Subfranchisors: When the person filing the application for registration is a subfranchisor, the application shall also include the same information concerning the subfranchisor as is required from the franchisor; the franchisor, as well as the subfranchisor, shall execute a signature page.
(6) Signing of application: The application shall be signed by an officer or general partner of the applicant; however, it may be signed by another person holding a power of attorney for such purposes from the applicant. If signed on behalf of the applicant pursuant to such power of attorney, the application shall include as an additional exhibit a copy of said power of attorney or a copy of the corporate resolution authorizing the attorney to act.
(7) Manually or digitally signed consent of accountant: All applications shall be accompanied by a manually or digitally signed consent of the independent public accountants for the use of their audited financial statements as such statements appear in the offering circular.
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