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PDFWAC 458-30-500

Definitions of terms used in WAC 458-30-500 through 458-30-590.

(1) Introduction. This rule sets forth the definitions to be used in administering and understanding the statutes and rules relating to special benefit assessments on classified farm and agricultural and timber land.
(2) Definitions. For the purposes of WAC 458-30-500 through 458-30-590, unless otherwise required by the context, the following definitions apply:
(a) "Average rate of inflation" means the annual rate of inflation adopted each year by the department of revenue in accordance with WAC 458-30-590 averaged over the period of time provided in WAC 458-30-550.
(b) "Connection charge" or "charge for connection" means the charge required to be paid to the district for connection to the service as opposed to the assessment based upon the benefits derived.
(c) "District" means any local improvement district, utility local improvement district, local utility district, road improvement district, or any similar unit created by a local government for the purpose of levying special benefit assessments against property specially benefited by improvements relating to the districts.
(d) "Final assessment roll" means a final special benefit assessment roll approved or confirmed by a local government for the purpose of levying special benefit assessments against property specially benefited by a sanitary and/or storm sewerage system, domestic water supply and/or distribution system, or road construction and/or improvement.
(e) "Local government" means any city, town, county, water-sewer district, public utility district, port district, flood control district, or any other municipal corporation, quasi-municipal corporation, or other political subdivision authorized to levy special benefit assessments for sanitary and/or storm sewerage systems, domestic water supply and/or distribution systems, or road construction and/or improvement purposes. "Local government" does not include an irrigation district with respect to any local improvement district created or local improvement assessment levied by that irrigation district.
(f) "Special benefits assessments" means special assessments levied or capable of being levied in any local improvement district or otherwise levied or capable of being levied by a local government to pay for all or part of the costs of a local improvement and that may be levied only for the special benefits to be realized by property because of the local improvement.
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