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PDFWAC 458-30-510

Creation of district—Protest—Adoption of final assessment roll.

(1) Introduction. RCW 84.34.320 requires local government officials to take certain steps upon "creation" of a district and upon adoption or confirmation of a final assessment roll. This section defines when a district shall be deemed to have been "created" and when a final assessment shall be deemed "adopted" or "confirmed."
(2) Exemption from special benefit assessments. Any farm and agricultural or timber land classified in accordance with the provisions of chapter 84.34 RCW shall be exempt from special benefit assessments or charges in lieu of assessment for such purposes as long as the classified land remains in classification if the legislative authority of a local government adopts a resolution, ordinance, or legislative act:
(a) To create a local improvement district in which the classified land is included or would have been included but for the classification designation; or
(b) To approve or confirm a final specific benefit assessment roll that would have included the classified land but for the classification designation relating to a:
(i) Sanitary and/or storm sewerage system;
(ii) Domestic water supply and/or distribution system; or
(iii) Road construction and/or improvement.
(3) When a district is deemed to be created.
(a) For districts outside of cities, a district shall be considered created upon its actual adoption at the required public hearing.
(b) For districts within cities, creation shall occur thirty days after passage of the ordinance ordering the improvement, thereby allowing the protest period set forth in RCW 35.43.180.
(4) Protest the formation of a district.
(a) For districts within cities, a protest may be filed with the city or town council within thirty days of the date the ordinance ordering the improvement is passed. Creation of a district can be prevented by the property owners within the district whose combined payments for said improvement(s) are equal to, or in excess of, sixty percent of the cost of the improvement.
(b) For all other districts, their creation can be prevented by the property owners within those districts whose combined property ownership is equal to, or greater than, forty percent of the area to be included in the district.
(5) Final assessment roll. For those districts that have an annual assessment roll hearing on capital assessments, the final assessment roll will be considered as "adopted" upon confirmation of the roll at the hearing in the first year.
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