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PDFWAC 458-12-296

Exemption—Ores and metals.

RCW 84.36.181 provides: "All ore or metal shipped from without this state to any smelter or refining works within this state, while in process of reduction or refinement and for thirty days after completion of such reduction and refinement, shall be considered and held to be property in transit and nontaxable."
The following ores qualify for the exemption provided in this statute:
(1) Crude ore - Which is the original, as mined ore, containing many impurities. Examples are: Copper (chalcopyrite); lead (galena); iron (iron oxide); and aluminum (bauxite).
(2) Concentrated ore - Which is the product of the beneficiation of crude ore. Beneficiation is the physical, chemical or combination of both processes which is used to remove impurities from a crude ore. The product of beneficiation is a "usable beneficiated ore." Examples of usable or beneficiated ore are: Concentrated iron ore (ferric oxide); concentrated copper ore (copper sulfide); and concentrated bauxite ore (alumina or aluminum oxide).
[Order PT 69-1, § 458-12-296, filed 4/14/69.]
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