Chapter 458-12 WAC

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458-12-012Definition—Irrigation systems—Real—Personal.
458-12-025Compensation for assistance by department of revenue at request of assessor.
458-12-030County appraisers' salary and classification plan.
458-12-035Standard forms.
458-12-045Listing of real property—Contracts for sale of public lands.
458-12-050Omitted property and omitted value.
458-12-055Taxable situs—Real property.
458-12-060Listing of personal property.
458-12-110Listing of personal property by the assessor—Penalties for failing to list personal property and for making a false or fraudulent listing.
458-12-115Personalty—Taxable situs—In general.
458-12-120Situs of personalty—Beer kegs.
458-12-140Taxing district boundaries—Designation of tax code area.
458-12-155Listing of property—Public lands—Federal lands—Exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction.
458-12-160Listing of property—Public land—Conveyances.
458-12-165Listing of property—Public lands—Purchase by state, county or city.
458-12-170Listing of property—Public lands—Possessory rights.
458-12-175Listing of property—Public lands—Leasehold interests and improvements.
458-12-180Listing of property—Public lands—Public body as lessee—Improvements.
458-12-251Computer software—Definitions—Valuation.
458-12-295Exemption—Agricultural products—Grains, flour, fruit, vegetables and fish—Cancellation.
458-12-296Exemption—Ores and metals.
458-12-310Valuation of property—Personal property.
458-12-342New construction—Assessment.
458-12-343New construction—Reports.
458-12-360Notice of change in value of real property.
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