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PDFWAC 392-185-320

Criteria for certification of education centers.

To be certified as an education center, a private educational institution must apply to the superintendent of public instruction and provide evidence that it:
(1) Qualifies under the definition set forth in WAC 180-95-010(1).
(2) Offers instruction in the basic academic skills as defined in WAC 180-95-010(2) and employment orientation as defined in WAC 180-95-010(8).
(3) Employs, for purposes of diagnosing and instructing students, professionally trained personnel who meet requirements for certification set forth in chapters 180-80 and/or 180-84 WAC: Provided, That for specific diagnostic evaluations, a professional who is otherwise appropriately licensed does not have to meet certification requirements.
(4) Operates on a clinical, client-centered basis as defined in WAC 180-95-010(3).
(5) Conducts individualized diagnosis and instruction which includes as a minimum:
(a) Consideration by qualified personnel of the student's achievement, abilities, interests, and aptitudes;
(b) Delineation of individual learning objectives and education and/or employment goals;
(c) Development and implementation of curriculum and instruction appropriate to diagnosed needs and specified objectives and goals;
(d) Provision for evaluation of the student's progress toward and attainment of learning objectives and education and/or employment goals.
(6) Produces educational gains in students which relate directly to the individual learning objectives and educational and/or employment goals established for the student.
(7) Maintains accurate and complete financial and personnel records.
(8) Is financially sound and capable of fulfilling its educational commitment, i.e., that it has definite and certain resources to meet its current obligations.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28A.205 RCW. WSR 07-06-064, § 392-185-320, filed 3/5/07, effective 4/5/07. Statutory Authority: 2006 c 263. WSR 06-14-009, recodified as § 392-185-320, filed 6/22/06, effective 6/22/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.010. WSR 94-03-103 (Order 4-94), § 180-95-020, filed 1/19/94, effective 2/19/94. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.04.120. WSR 78-03-014 (Order 2-78), § 180-95-020, filed 2/8/78.]
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