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PDFWAC 392-153-020

Traffic safety education endorsement.

(1) If you are a teacher certificated under provisions of chapter 28A.410 RCW, you can qualify for a traffic safety endorsement or letter of authorization issued by the superintendent of public instruction to teach the classroom or laboratory phases if you meet the following requirements:
(a) Possess a valid Washington state driver's license (or a valid license issued by another state provided you are a legal resident of that state).
(b) Provide a current satisfactory driving record to the employing school district on an annual basis.
(c) Complete twelve quarter hours (or eight semester hours) of approved course work.
(d) Provide verification to the office of the superintendent of public instruction that the employing school district has determined that you comply with all of the requirements set forth in this chapter.
(2) If you were endorsed by the superintendent of public instruction to teach traffic safety education in the state of Washington prior to May 27, 1969, and you possess a conditional certificate but do not hold a valid teaching certificate under chapter 28A.410 RCW, you can continue to be qualified to teach both classroom and laboratory phase provided you continue to meet all conditional certificate requirements.
(3) The course work requirement to maintain a traffic safety education endorsement or letter of approval is forty clock hours every five years.
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