Chapter 28A.410 RCW



28A.410.010CertificationDuty of professional educator standards boardRulesRecord checkLapsed certificatesSuperintendent of public instruction as administrator.
28A.410.025QualificationsCertificate or permit required.
28A.410.032QualificationsTeachers of visually impairedRules.
28A.410.035QualificationsCoursework on issues of abuse; sexual abuse and exploitation of a minor; and emotional or behavioral distress in students, including possible substance abuse, violence, and youth suicide.
28A.410.040Initial-level certificates.
28A.410.043School counselor certification.
28A . 410 . 044 School psychologists and social workersDomains and roles.
28A.410.045First peoples' language, culture, and oral tribal traditions teacher certification programEstablishedRules.
28A.410.046Elementary mathematics specialists.
28A.410.050Baccalaureate and master's degree equivalency requirements for vocational instructorsRules.
28A.410.060Fee for certificationDisposition.
28A.410.062Initial educator certificates and paraeducator certificatesApplication processing feeEducator certification processing account.
28A.410.070Registration of certificates.
28A.410.080School yearFor certification or qualification purposes.
28A.410.090Revocation or suspension of certificate or permit to teachReprimandCriminal basisComplaintsInvestigationProcess.
28A.410.095Violation or noncomplianceInvestigatory powers of superintendent of public instructionRequirements for investigation of alleged sexual misconduct towards a childCourt ordersContemptWritten findings required.
28A.410.100Revocation of authority to teachHearings.
28A.410.106Certificate or permit suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
28A.410.108Reporting disciplinary actions to national clearinghouse.
28A.410.110Limitation on reinstatement after revocationReinstatement prohibited for certain felony crimes.
28A.410.120Professional certification not required of superintendents or deputy or assistant superintendents.
28A.410.200Washington professional educator standards boardCreationMembershipExecutive director.
28A.410.210Washington professional educator standards boardPurposePowers and duties.
28A.410.212Washington professional educator standards boardDuties.
28A.410.220Washington professional educator standards boardPerformance standards and professional-level certification assessmentBasic skills assessmentAssessment of subject knowledgeAdministration of sectionRule-making authority.
28A.410.221Washington professional educator standards boardRevision of STEM-related subject-area teacher endorsements.
28A.410.2211Washington professional educator standards boardRevision of assessments to meet revised STEM-related standards.
28A.410.2212Washington professional educator standards boardCertificate renewal rules for teachers in STEM-related subjects.
28A . 410 . 224 Washington professional educator standards boardStandards for computer science endorsement.
28A.410.225Washington professional educator standards boardEndorsement requirementsTeachers of deaf and hard of hearing students.
28A.410.226Washington professional educator standards boardTraining program on youth suicide screeningCertificates for school nurses, social workers, psychologists, and counselorsAdoption of standards.
28A.410.230Washington professional educator standards boardReview of proposed assessments before implementation.
28A.410.240Washington professional educator standards boardReports.
28A.410.250Washington professional educator standards boardProfessional certificationRules.
28A . 410 . 251 Washington professional educator standards boardResidency certificate renewal for certain experienced teachers and principalsRules.
28A . 410 . 252 Expedited professional certification for out-of-state teachers.
28A . 410 . 253 Out-of-state professional certificationWashington state institute for public policyReviewReport.
28A.410.260Washington professional educator standards boardModel standards for cultural competencyRecommendations.
28A.410.270Washington professional educator standards boardPerformance standardsCertification levelsTeacher effectiveness evaluationsRequirements for professional certificate and residency teaching certificateDemonstration of educator preparation programs' outcomes.
28A.410.271Washington professional educator standards boardStandards for educational interpreters.
28A.410.278Teacher evaluation research and evaluation requirementsRequirements for residency principal certificates, teacher preparation programs, and in-service training or continuing education.
28A.410.280Evidence-based assessment of teaching effectivenessTeacher preparation program requirement.
28A.410.290Teacher and administrator preparation program approval standardsCommunity college and nonhigher education provider programsAlternative route program inclusion.
28A.410.292Articulated pathway for teacher preparation and certificationProgram approval.
28A . 410 . 294 Teacher and administrator preparationWorking with paraeducators.
28A.410.300Review of district and educator workforce data.
28A.410.310Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
28A.410.320Waivers from educator preparation and certification program statutes or rules to implement collaborative schools for innovation and success pilot projects.
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