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PDFWAC 392-121-415

Basic education allocationDeductible revenues.

In addition to those funds appropriated by the legislature for basic education allocation purposes, the following locally available general fund revenues shall be included in the computation of the total annual basic education allocation of each school district or charter school pursuant to RCW 28A.150.250 and 28A.150.260 and shall be deducted from payments made pursuant to WAC 392-121-400:
(1) Federal in lieu of tax payments made pursuant to RCW 84.72.020; and
(2) Proceeds from the sale of lumber, timber, and timber products on military reservations or facilities in accordance with U.S.C. §2665, Title 10, and P.L. 97-99.
(3) Local in lieu of tax payments including but not limited to payments made pursuant to RCW 35.82.210, 35.83.040, and 79.19.110.
Otherwise deductible revenues from any of the foregoing sources received by a school district due solely to the district's levy of a capital projects fund or debt service fund excess tax levy shall constitute nongeneral fund revenues and shall not be deducted in the computation of the district's annual basic education allocation for that school year.
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