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PDFWAC 392-121-400

Apportionment of basic education moneys.

From the basic education moneys appropriated to the superintendent of public instruction, the superintendent shall allocate moneys as follows:
(1) Allocations shall be made pursuant to chapter 28A.150 RCW, the state Operating Appropriations Act, and this chapter.
(2) Allocations to school districts shall be made in twelve monthly payments during the school year pursuant to RCW 28A.510.250 to each school district operating a program approved by the state board of education.
(a) Initial monthly payments shall be based on estimates of such data as the superintendent of public instruction deems necessary to commence payment for the school year, such estimates to be submitted by school districts to the educational service districts or superintendent of public instruction on forms provided by the superintendent of public instruction. The latest date on which a school district may make changes in these data shall be the date on which the school district files its budget with the educational service district.
(b) As the school year progresses, monthly payments to school districts shall be adjusted to reflect actual full-time equivalent students enrolled, district average certificated instructional staff salary for purpose of apportionment, other school district characteristics, deductible revenues and such other data as are deemed necessary by the superintendent and reported by school districts and other governmental agencies on forms provided or approved by the superintendent of public instruction.
(3) Allocations to public charter schools shall be made pursuant to RCW 28A.710.220.
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