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PDFWAC 388-880-110

Procedures for resident escorted leave from the total confinement facility.

(1) Only an employee approved by the superintendent, or designee, will be authorized to serve as an escort. All escorts from the total confinement facility must be employees of the department of social and health services.
(2) Escorted leave will only be granted for the reasons set forth in RCW 71.09.210.
(3) As a matter to standard procedure, the minimum level of restraint used on all escorted leaves performed under RCW 71.09.210 will be ankle and waist restraints which are intended to limit the person's ability to run and/or swing their arms.
(4) The superintendent, or designee, shall:
(a) As needed, on an individual basis, determine the need to use any additional types of restraint above and beyond the standard ankle and waist restraints.
(b) Determine if escort staff will be authorized to wear civilian clothing when escorting a resident to a bedside visit or funeral.
(c) Determine the number of staff and job classification of staff that shall conduct the escort.
(d) Ensure escort staff are trained and experienced in the escort procedures.
(e) Ensure that escorted leaves are supervised by staff in accordance with written procedures approved by the superintendent, or designee.
(f) Ensure that one escort is designated as a lead worker when more than one employee participates on the escort.
(5) The escort shall:
(a) Supervise the resident per written procedure.
(b) Adhere to the restraint level determination.
(c) Ensure that if a resident escapes, or disappears, that local law enforcement is immediately notified and that notification shall include a description of the resident's physical person, clothing and photo.
(d) Carry a copy of the resident's photo and description.
(e) Not deviate from the approved route or make unplanned stops unless an emergency situation arises.
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