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PDFWAC 388-845-1515

Are there limits to the residential habilitation services I may receive?

(1) You may only receive one type of residential habilitation service at a time.
(2) None of the following may be paid for under the core or community protection waiver:
(a) Room and board;
(b) The cost of building maintenance, upkeep, improvement, modifications or adaptations required to assure the health and safety of residents, or to meet the requirements of the applicable life safety code;
(c) Activities or supervision already being paid for by another source;
(d) Services provided in your parent's home unless you are receiving alternative living services for a maximum of six months to transition you from your parent's home into your own home.
(3) Alternative living services in the core waiver cannot:
(a) Exceed forty hours per month;
(b) Provide personal care or protective supervision.
(4) The following persons cannot be paid providers for your service:
(a) Your spouse;
(b) Your natural, step, or adoptive parents if you are a child age seventeen or younger;
(c) Your natural, step, or adoptive parent unless your parent is certified as a residential agency per chapter 388-101 WAC or is employed by a certified or licensed agency qualified to provide residential habilitation services.
(5) The initial authorization of residential habilitation services requires prior approval by the DDA regional administrator or designee.
(6) If you are under age eighteen, the residential habilitation services you receive are subject to requirements under chapter 388-826 WAC.
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