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PDFWAC 388-832-0015

Who is eligible for the state-funded IFS program?

(1) The state-funded individual and family services (IFS) program and state supplementary payments (SSP) in lieu of IFS are closed to new enrollment.
(2) If you have been continuously enrolled in the state-funded IFS program since May 31, 2015, you may remain on the program if you:
(a) Are a developmental disabilities administration (DDA) client;
(b) Live with family;
(c) Are ineligible for DDA's home and community based services waiver program under chapter 388-845 WAC;
(d) Are age three or older;
(e) Need IFS program services, as identified in your person-centered service plan;
(f) Use an IFS program service at least once per plan year;
(g) Complete a DDA reassessment under WAC 388-828-1500;
(h) Participate with DDA in your service planning; and
(i) Are not receiving DDA residential services or licensed foster care services.
(3) If you are eligible for the state-funded IFS program, you are not guaranteed to receive state-funded IFS program services.
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