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PDFWAC 388-825-150

When can the department proceed to take action during my appeal?

The department will proceed to take action during your appeal if:
(1) It is an eligibility denial and you are not currently an eligible client.
(2) Your DDA eligibility has expired, per WAC 388-823-0010 and 388-823-1040.
(3) There is no longer funding for the state-only funded service you have been receiving.
(4) Your current services are terminated or transferred in order to comply with state law.
(5) The state-only funded service no longer exists, the medicaid state plan has been amended, or the HCBS waiver agreement with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has been amended.
(6) The administrative law judge or review judge rules that you have caused unreasonable delay in the proceedings.
(7) You are in imminent jeopardy.
(8) Your provider is no longer qualified to provide services due to:
(a) A lack of a contract;
(b) Decertification;
(c) Failure to complete training or certification requirements;
(d) Revocation or suspension of a license; or
(e) Lack of required registration, certification, or licensure.
(9) If you are under the age of eighteen and your parent or legal representative approves the department's decision.
(10) You did not file your request for an administrative hearing within the ten-day notice period, as described in chapter 388-458 WAC.
(11) You or your legal representative:
(a) Tell us in writing that you do not want continued benefits;
(b) Withdraw your administrative hearing request in writing; or
(c) Do not follow through with the administrative hearing process.
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