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PDFWAC 388-825-103

When will I receive written notice of decisions made by DDA?

You will receive written notice from DDA when the following decisions are made:
(1) The denial or termination of eligibility for services under WAC 388-825-057;
(2) Denial or termination of the provider of your choice for any reason listed in WAC 388-825-375 through 388-825-390;
(3) The authorization, denial, reduction, or termination of services or the payment of SSP set forth in chapter 388-827 WAC that are authorized by DDA;
(4) The admission or readmission to, or discharge from a residential habilitation center set forth in WAC 388-825-155; or
(5) Disenrollment from a DDA home and community based services waiver under WAC 388-845-0060, including a disenrollment from a waiver and enrollment in a different waiver.
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