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PDFWAC 388-76-10685


The adult family home must meet all of the following requirements:
(1) Ensure each resident's bedroom is an outside room that allows entrance of natural light.
(2) Ensure window and door screens:
(a) Do not hinder emergency escape; and
(b) Prevent entrance of flies and other insects.
(3) Ensure each resident, including those using mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers has direct, unrestricted, and free access from the bedroom through doors, hallways, and corridors to common use areas and other rooms used for care and services including bathrooms.
(4) When a bedroom will be shared by two residents, the home must:
(a) Document through the notice of rights and services that the resident's bedroom is a shared bedroom; and
(b) Allow residents to express their preference of roommate and allow residents who mutually consent to share a bedroom to live in a double occupancy bedroom together, unless this will pose a health or safety risk for any resident in the home;
(5) Provide each bedroom with a minimum usable floor space as required in WAC 388-76-10690.
(6) Give each resident the opportunity to have a lock on their bedroom door if they choose to unless having a locked door would be unsafe for the resident and this is documented according to WAC 388-76-10401.
(7) Ensure each bedroom has a closet or a wardrobe, armoire, or reasonable storage space for clothes accessible to residents. Neither the closet nor wardrobe/armoire floor space will be considered a part of the room's usable square footage. The home must not remove a closet in order to provide additional floor space.
(8) Ensure there are no more than two residents to a bedroom.
(9) Unless the resident chooses to provide their own furniture and bedding, the home must provide each resident a bed thirty-six inches or wider with:
(a) A clean, comfortable mattress;
(b) A waterproof cover for use when needed or requested by the resident;
(c) Clean sheets and pillow cases;
(d) Adequate clean blankets to meet the needs of each resident; and
(e) Clean pillows.
(10) Do not use the upper bunk of double-deck beds for a resident's bed.
(11) Provide each resident a call bell, or an alternative way of alerting staff in an emergency, that the resident can use, unless the bedroom of an AFH staff member is within hearing distance of the resident's bedroom and a staff member will be within hearing distance at all times.
(12) Ensure that members of the household and staff do not share bedrooms with residents.
(13) Ensure a resident does not share a bedroom with a person under eighteen years of age, unless the person is the resident's own child.
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