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PDFWAC 388-76-10655

Physical and mechanical restraints.

The adult family home must ensure:
(1) Each resident's right to be free from physical and mechanical restraints used for discipline or convenience;
(2) Prior to the use of physical or mechanical restraints, less restrictive alternatives have been tried and documented in the resident's negotiated care plan;
(3) The physical or mechanical restraints have been assessed as necessary to treat the resident's medical symptoms and addressed on the resident's negotiated care plan; and
(4) If physical or mechanical restraints are used to treat a resident's medical symptoms, the restraints are applied and immediately supervised on-site by a:
(a) Licensed registered nurse;
(b) Licensed practical nurse; or
(c) Licensed physician.
(5) For the purposes of this section, "immediately supervised" means that the licensed person is in the home and quickly and easily available.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.128 RCW. WSR 16-20-095, § 388-76-10655, filed 10/4/16, effective 11/4/16; WSR 16-06-004, § 388-76-10655, filed 2/17/16, effective 4/1/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.128.040 and chapters 70.128 and 74.34 RCW. WSR 07-21-080, § 388-76-10655, filed 10/16/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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