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PDFWAC 388-76-10401

Home and community-based setting requirements.

(1) The home must ensure that the following conditions are present for each resident:
(a) Privacy in each resident's bedroom, including lockable doors when chosen, with only the resident or residents who live in the room and appropriate staff having the key;
(b) Choice of roommates;
(c) Freedom to decorate and furnish their room within the terms of the notice of rights and service agreement;
(d) Freedom and support to control their own schedule;
(e) Access to food and water at any time; and
(f) Having visitors at any time, although nothing in this section requires an adult family home to provide a visitor with food or a place to sleep.
(2) When conditions under subsection (1) of this section cannot be met, the home must ensure the following elements are in place before implementing a modification:
(a) The specific assessed need for the modification is identified in the resident's assessment and negotiated care plan;
(b) The resident's negotiated care plan documents less intrusive methods and interventions that were tried prior to the modification but did not work;
(c) The details of the modification are clearly described in the resident's assessment and negotiated care plan, including how the modification addresses the resident's specific assessed need;
(d) The modification is agreed to by the resident or the resident's legal representative; and
(e) The modification must not cause the resident harm.
(3) All modifications must be reviewed annually with the assessment and negotiated care plan, and evidence of its effectiveness or lack thereof must be documented in both.
(4) Any modification must be discontinued if there is no longer a need for it or it is no longer effective.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.128.040. WSR 20-03-097, ยง 388-76-10401, filed 1/14/20, effective 2/14/20.]
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