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PDFWAC 388-71-0754

What are the adult day center's staff ratio requirements?

(1) Direct care staff in adult day centers will vary based upon the number of participants and their care and service requirements. The centers must provide sufficient numbers of qualified staff to meet the participants' needs, but at a minimum must have one staff to six clients for:
(a) Adequate nutrition and hydration;
(b) Health monitoring, education and referral to health services if needed;
(c) Assistance with activities of daily living;
(d) Socialization, recreation, therapeutic activities and stimulation;
(e) Transportation assistance;
(f) Supervision and protection; and
(g) Provision of a safe environment.
(2) The staffing level must be sufficient to serve the number and functioning levels of adult day center participants, meet program objectives, and provide access to other community resources.
(3) There must be sufficient maintenance and housekeeping personnel to assure that the facility is clean, sanitary, and safe at all times.
(4) To ensure adequate care and safety of participants, there must be provision for qualified substitute staff.
(5) As the number of participants with functional impairments, skilled nursing or skilled rehabilitative therapy needs increases, the required staff-participant ratio must be adjusted accordingly.
(6) Direct service staff to participant ratio must be met according to each program the center is contracted to provide, i.e. COPES/RCL and memory care and wellness services (MCWS). The center is required to have daily documentation outlining how they met the staff to resident ratio. This data would include but not be limited to names/titles of employees with date and hours worked and participants' names and date and hours attended.
(7) Staff counted in the staff-participant ratio is those who are trained and able to provide direct service to participants. When there is one participant present, to ensure safety of participant, there must be at least two organizational staff members who have the skills, knowledge and ability to meet the clients need and at least one is currently certified in CPR and first aid.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.08.090, 74.09.520. WSR 15-01-174, § 388-71-0754, filed 12/23/14, effective 1/23/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.04.050, 74.04.057, 74.04.200, 74.08.090, 74.09.520, and 74.39A.030. WSR 03-06-024, § 388-71-0754, filed 2/24/03, effective 7/1/03.]
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