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PDFWAC 388-71-0706

What services are provided in adult day health?

Adult day health is a supervised nonresidential program providing skilled nursing and/or rehabilitative therapy services in addition to all services provided in an adult day care center. Adult day health services are only appropriate for adults with medical or disabling conditions that require the skilled intervention or services of a registered nurse or licensed rehabilitative therapist acting under the supervision of the client's authorizing practitioner.
The adult day health center must offer and provide on-site the following services:
(1) All services under WAC 388-71-0704; and
(2) Skilled nursing services other than routine health monitoring with nurse consultation; or
(3) At least one of the following skilled therapy services: physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology or audiology, as defined under chapters 18.74, 18.59 and 18.35 RCW; and
(4) Psychological or counseling services, including assessing for psycho-social therapy need, dementia, abuse or neglect, and alcohol or drug abuse; making appropriate referrals; and providing brief, intermittent supportive counseling. These services are provided by social services professionals.
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