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PDFWAC 388-480-0001

Does being on strike impact my eligibility for the Washington basic food program?

(1) A strike is a work stoppage, slowdown or other interruption of work caused by employees. This includes when a stoppage happens because a collective bargaining agreement has expired.
(2) We do not consider you to be on strike if you:
(a) Are locked out by your employer;
(b) Do not have work available as a result of striking employees;
(c) Are not a member of the bargaining unit on strike and you fear someone may physically hurt you if you cross a picket line; or
(d) Would have been exempt from work registration under WAC 388-444-0010 the day before the strike for any reason other than being employed at least thirty hours per week.
(3) If a person in your assistance unit (AU) is a striker, your AU is not eligible for Basic Food unless:
(a) Your AU met all income requirements the day before the strike; and
(b) You meet all other requirements of the Basic Food program as described in WAC 388-400-0040.
(4) If someone in your AU is on strike, your AU cannot receive a higher amount of Basic Food benefits solely because the person receives less income as a direct result of being on strike. We count the larger of the two following amounts to determine if your AU is eligible and calculate your benefits:
(a) The striker's income before they went on strike; or
(b) The striker's current income.
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