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PDFWAC 388-106-1422

What happens to my New Freedom service dollar budget if I am temporarily hospitalized, placed in a nursing facility, or intermediate care facilities for intellectual disability (ICF/ID)?

If you are admitted to a hospital, nursing home, or ICF/ID, you cannot access or accumulate funds to your New Freedom service budget during your stay.
If you are institutionalized for 30 days or less and you intend to return to New Freedom when discharged, your service budget will be temporarily suspended while you are temporarily hospitalized for up to 30 days. Upon discharge home, if within 30 days, your service budget will be reinstated if you are still eligible for New Freedom services.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.08.090 and 74.09.520. WSR 22-18-047, § 388-106-1422, filed 8/30/22, effective 9/30/22; WSR 13-18-039 and 13-17-125, § 388-106-1422, filed 8/29/13 and 8/21/13, effective 10/1/13; WSR 10-08-074, § 388-106-1422, filed 4/6/10, effective 5/7/10.]
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