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PDFWAC 388-106-0274

Are there limits to the assistive technology I may receive?

(1) There are limits to the assistive technology you may receive. Assistive technology excludes:
(a) Any purchase solely for recreational purposes;
(b) Items of general utility, meaning they are used by people in the absence of illness, injury, or disability, such as a wood splitter, facial wipes, menstrual supplies, or a slow cooker;
(c) Subscriptions, data plan charges, and ongoing recurring fees;
(d) Educational software, game applications, or gift cards for educational/game applications;
(e) Medical supplies and medical equipment, items available as specialized equipment and supplies, or durable medical equipment;
(f) Specialized clothing or slip-on shoes that are for convenience and not adaptive in nature;
(g) Exercise equipment;
(h) Home/environmental modifications;
(i) Medically necessary items, including but not limited to compression socks/stockings, orthotics, hearing aids, and eyeglasses; and
(j) Any item that would otherwise be covered under any other payment source, including but not limited to medicare, medicaid, private insurance, or another resource.
(2) In combination with skills acquisition training, assistive technology purchases are limited to a yearly amount determined by the department per fiscal year.
(3) To help decide whether to authorize assistive technology the department may require a treating professional's written recommendation regarding the need for an assistive technology evaluation. The treating professional who makes this recommendation must:
(a) Have personal knowledge of and experience with the requested assistive technology that is in alignment with their profession; and
(b) Have evaluated you, reviewed your medical records, have knowledge of your level of functioning, and your ability to use the requested assistive technology or device.
(4) Your choice of assistive technology is limited to the most cost effective option that meets your health and welfare needs.
(5) Replacement of an assistive technology item or piece of equipment is limited to once every two years.
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