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PDFWAC 374-100-080

Lead agency determination.

(1) PLIA will endeavor to determine whether PLIA or another agency is the SEPA lead agency within five working days of receiving the nonexempt proposal. See WAC 197-11-050 and 197-11-922 through 197-11-940. If PLIA is not the lead agency, PLIA shall send the complete environmental checklist and a copy of the application or proposal to the lead agency with an explanation of why PLIA identified the agency as the lead agency.
(2) PLIA may determine it would be appropriate to share or divide lead agency responsibilities with other agencies. In such an event, one agency will be designated the nominal lead agency, and shall be responsible for complying with the duties of the lead agency under the SEPA rules. Other agencies with jurisdiction shall be notified of the agreement and determination of the nominal lead agency.
(3) Whenever PLIA is an agency of jurisdiction and determines that a DNS issued by another lead agency is inappropriate and that the proposal in question could cause significant harm to the resources under its jurisdiction, the agency may assume lead agency status per WAC 197-11-948. Within ten days of assuming lead agency status, PLIA will notify the proponent of the proposal in writing as to the reasons for its assumption of lead agency status. Prior to preparation of an EIS for the proposal, PLIA will consult with the proponent and give the proponent an opportunity to modify or change the proposal in such a way that an EIS may not be necessary as outlined in WAC 197-11-360(4).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. WSR 20-02-007, ยง 374-100-080, filed 12/18/19, effective 1/18/20.]
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