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PDFWAC 374-100-090

Availability, distribution, and costs of environmental documents.

(1) When PLIA is the lead agency, PLIA personnel shall distribute SEPA documents as required by chapter 197-11 WAC unless another agency is nominal colead with PLIA. The following are acceptable methods of distribution:
(a) Email environmental documents including attached checklists and backup materials provided the recipient agency or interested party has made its email address available to PLIA;
(b) Mail environmental documents, including attached checklists and backup materials, on CDs or as hardcopies to agency mailing lists that include either general lists or lists for specific proposals or subject areas.
(2) A requestor asking for additional hard copies of a SEPA document may be required to pay additional copying fees per WAC 197-11-504.
(3) PLIA shall use reasonable methods to inform the public when PLIA issues a DNS under WAC 197-11-340, a mitigated DNS under WAC 197-11-350, a scoping notice under WAC 197-11-360, a draft EIS under WAC 197-11-455, a draft supplemental EIS under WAC 197-11-620, a final EIS under WAC 197-11-460, or when PLIA schedules a public hearing under WAC 197-11-502, 197-11-535, and 197-11-610. PLIA shall use two or more of the following reasonable methods of public notice, taking into consideration the geographic area affected by the proposal, the size and complexity of the proposal, the public notice requirements associated with PLIA's non-SEPA decision (underlying governmental decision), public interest expressed in the proposal, and whether the proposal is a project or regulation:
(a) Notify persons or groups who have expressed interest in the proposal or in the type of proposal being considered, who have expressed interest in proposals located in the affected geographic area, and who PLIA has identified as potentially interested parties;
(b) Publish a notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the area in which the proposal will be implemented;
(c) Post the property with appropriate signage;
(d) Post notices and environmental documents on PLIA's website.
(4) As required under WAC 197-11-508 for state agencies, PLIA shall submit the following environmental documents to the department of ecology for publication in the SEPA register:
(a) DNSs under WAC 197-11-340;
(b) DSs (scoping notices) under WAC 197-11-408;
(c) EISs under WAC 197-11-455, 197-11-460, and 197-11-620;
(d) Adoption notices to the extent required by WAC 197-11-610 and 197-11-630; and
(e) Notices of action under RCW 43.21C.080 and 43.21C.087.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. WSR 20-02-007, ยง 374-100-090, filed 12/18/19, effective 1/18/20.]
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