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PDFWAC 365-100-030

Applicant responsibilities.

(1) The applicant shall notify the utility of the inability to pay the bill, or the security deposit, within five business days. Notification may be made in person, in writing, or by telephone.
(2) The applicant shall contact the contractor within five business days from the date of notification to the utility to complete a client income statement. The applicant shall self-certify twelve months of household income.
(3) The applicant shall provide the utility with the completed client income statement of unverified income within twenty days from the date of application. Verified income, or acceptance of self-certification, must be supplied to the utility within forty-five days of application. (See WAC 365-100-040.)
(4) At the time the client income statement is submitted to the utility, the applicant shall enter an agreement to pay no less than seven percent of the applicant's household monthly income, plus one-twelfth of any billing accrued from the date application is made and thereafter through March 15, during the period of the utility moratorium.
(5) Prior to March 15, the applicant and the utility shall enter into an agreement with the specific terms for the repayment of any account balance. Such repayment agreement shall require full payment of the balance no later than October 15 of that year, unless other arrangements are provided by the utility.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.63A RCW. WSR 87-10-020 (Order 87-08), § 365-100-030, filed 5/1/87. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.63A.080. WSR 85-05-017 (Order 84-02), § 365-100-030, filed 2/13/85; WSR 84-21-087 (Order 84-02), § 365-100-030, filed 10/19/84.]
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