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PDFWAC 365-100-020


The following definitions shall apply to terms in chapter 245, Laws of 1986, and/or this chapter:
"Applicant" refers to a client of a community action agency or other public or private nonprofit organization, or a current customer of a utility company, or an applicant for service of a utility company, who applies for the moratorium program or other energy assistance.
"Contractor" means community action agency or other public or private nonprofit organizations providing energy assistance and weatherization services under contract with the department of community development.
"Business days" means all days except Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays.
"Client income statement" means a statement the applicant signs that acknowledges household gross income, self-certified income, and seven percent of household's income. The statement acknowledges whether the income is verified or unverified, whether the applicant has applied for energy and weatherization assistance, and whether the utility company and the agency were properly notified by the applicant. The statement also acknowledges that the applicant agrees to enter into a payment plan, to pay the past due bill by October 15 even if they move, to pay for continued utility service, and to apply any assistance received to the bill.
"Date of application" means the day the applicant notifies the utility of their inability to pay the bill.
"Extenuating circumstances" means anything beyond the reasonable control of the applicant.
"Household income" means the total income of all household members considered for LIHEAP eligibility determination.
"LIHEAP" means low-income home energy assistance program, a federally-funded block grant.
"Low-income households" means households whose total income is no more than 125 percent of the federal poverty level.
"Overdue notice" means a written notice to disconnect service on a given date, unless payment is made.
"Utility" means regulated electric and gas companies, public utility districts, and municipal electric suppliers.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.63A RCW. WSR 87-10-020 (Order 87-08), § 365-100-020, filed 5/1/87. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.63A.080. WSR 85-05-017 (Order 84-02), § 365-100-020, filed 2/13/85; WSR 84-21-087 (Order 84-02), § 365-100-020, filed 10/19/84.]
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