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PDFWAC 332-160-050

Name changes.

When is the change of an existing geographic name appropriate? Stability in the use of geographic names is important to reduce confusion and to minimize costs associated with changing names; thus, changes in existing geographic names should only occur where a proponent provides substantial evidence of a compelling reason for the change. Proposals to change names that have recently (less than five years) been adopted by the board on geographic names will very rarely be considered by the committee on geographic names. Generally, the following three classes of proposals may justify the change of an existing official name:
(1) Proposals made to bring existing official names into agreement with dominant local usage;
(2) Proposals made to eliminate existing name problems, as in the case of derogatory names, name duplication creating confusion within a county, and officially recognized names that were based on incorrect information; or
(3) Proposals made at the request of persons or organizations for commemorative purposes.
Committee decisions to change a name or to adopt any specific name will consider all relevant factors regarding name proposals as well as other committee policies, documented usage, population density, and state, tribal and local government needs.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.30.293. WSR 16-15-074, ยง 332-160-050, filed 7/19/16, effective 8/19/16.]
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