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PDFWAC 332-130-030

Land subdivision and corner restoration standardsRecording.

The following requirements apply when a land boundary survey is performed. If, in the professional judgment of the surveyor, the procedures of subsections (1) and (2) of this section are not necessary to perform the survey, departures from these requirements shall be explained and/or shown on the survey map produced.
(1) The reestablishment of lost GLO or BLM corners and the subdividing of sections shall be done according to applicable GLO or BLM plats and field notes and in compliance with the rules as set forth in the appropriate GLO or BLM Manual of Surveying Instructions, manual supplements and circulars. Federal or state court decisions that influence the interpretation of the rules should be considered. Methods used for such corner reestablishment or section subdivision shall be described on the survey map produced.
(2) All maps, plats, or plans showing a land boundary survey shall show all the corners found, established, reestablished and calculated, including corresponding directions and distances, which were used to survey and which will be necessary to resurvey the parcel shown. Additionally, all such maps, plats, or plans shall show sufficient section subdivision data, or other such controlling parcel data, necessary to support the position of any section subdivisional corner or controlling parcel corner used to reference the parcel surveyed. Where a portion or all of this information is already shown on a record filed or recorded in the county recording office of the county in which the parcel is located, reference may be made to that record in lieu of providing the required data.
(3) Documentation shall be provided for all GLO or BLM corner(s) or point(s) used to control the location of the parcel surveyed. This requirement shall be met by providing on the document produced:
(a) The information required by both the Survey Recording Act and the history and evidence found sections of the Land Corner Record Form; or
(b) The recording data of a document(s) that provides the required information and is filed or recorded in the county recording office of the county in which the parcel is located.
(4) Every corner originally monumented by the GLO or BLM that is physically reestablished shall be monumented in accordance with the Survey Recording Act. If the reestablished corner is not filed or recorded as part of a record of survey, plat or short plat, at least three references shall be established and filed or recorded on a Land Corner Record Form. If the reestablished corner is filed or recorded as part of a record of survey, plat or short plat, then ties to at least two other monuments shown on the record document may serve in lieu of the required references. A valid set of coordinates on the Washington plane coordinate system may serve as one of the references. However, to best ensure an accurate relocation, references in close proximity to the corner are recommended. Monuments placed shall be magnetically locatable and include a cap stamped with the appropriate corner designation as defined in the current BLM Manual of Surveying Instructions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 58.24.040(1). WSR 19-01-045, § 332-130-030, filed 12/13/18, effective 1/13/19; WSR 90-06-028 (Order 568), § 332-130-030, filed 3/1/90, effective 4/1/90; WSR 89-11-028 (Order 561), § 332-130-030, filed 5/11/89; Order 275, § 332-130-030, filed 5/2/77.]
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