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PDFWAC 332-130-040

Land description guidelines.

An instrument used for the conveyance of real property should contain a description of the property sufficiently definite to allow location by a land surveyor without recourse to oral testimony.
The following guidelines consist of elements which are recommended for use in the preparation of land descriptions. They are not intended to be all inclusive and may not be applicable in all situations:
(1) In a description of a lot, tract, parcel or portion thereof in a recorded plat, short plat, or record of survey:
(a) Lot and block number or designation and addition or subdivision name;
(b) Official recording data and identification of recording office;
(c) Location by section, township, and range with respect to the Willamette Meridian, (if applicable);
(d) Property location by county and state.
(2) In a description of an easement, lot, tract, or parcel described by metes and bounds:
(a) Parcel location by the subdivision(s) of the section; or portion of any other official subdivisional tract from a GLO or BLM public land survey; or portion of a recorded plat, short plat, or record of survey;
(b) Section, township, and range with respect to the Willamette Meridian;
(c) Property location by county and state;
(d) Direction and distance to GLO or BLM corners or properly determined section subdivision corners with description of the physical corners, if applicable;
(e) A description of the boundary giving:
(i) Place of beginning and/or initial point;
(ii) Basis of bearings or azimuths;
(iii) Bearings, angles or azimuths in degrees, minutes and seconds;
(iv) Distances in feet and decimals of feet or record units, where applicable;
(v) Curve data showing the controlling elements;
(vi) Identification of senior adjoiners giving recording office and filing reference;
(vii) Calls to existing controlling monuments, both artificial and natural;
(viii) Calls which indicate if a course is a section line, subdivisional line, a line of record or parallel therewith;
(ix) A bearing and distance for each boundary line of the described parcel with a closing course returning to the point of beginning, except where the boundary can be described by a record, physical or natural feature.
(3) In a description based on a public land survey subdivision:
(a) Special segregations such as donation land claims, homestead entry surveys, townsites, tracts, and Indian or military reservations;
(b) Government lot number(s);
(c) Aliquot part designation;
(d) Section, township, and range with respect to the Willamette Meridian;
(e) Property location by county and state.
(4) Other elements of consideration for any land description:
(a) Avoid ambiguities when exceptions to a parcel are stated;
(b) Indicate width of strip description and its relationship to described centerline or survey line;
(c) Delineate the dividing line when designating a fractional portion of a parcel;
(d) When designating one-half or other fractional portion of an aliquot part by government subdivision procedures, follow with "according to U.S. Government subdivision procedures."
[Statutory Authority: RCW 58.24.040(1). WSR 89-11-028 (Order 561), § 332-130-040, filed 5/11/89; Order 275, § 332-130-040, filed 5/2/77.]
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