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PDFWAC 332-120-050

Application process.

(1) Whenever a survey monument needs to be removed or destroyed the application required by this chapter shall be submitted to the department.
It shall be completed, signed and sealed by a land surveyor or engineer as defined in this chapter.
(2) Upon receipt of a properly completed application, the department shall promptly issue a permit authorizing the removal or destruction of the monument; provided that:
(a) In extraordinary circumstances, to prevent hardship or delay, a verbal authorization may be granted, pending the processing and issuance of a written permit. A properly completed application shall be submitted by the applicant within fifteen days of the verbal authorization.
(b) Applications received by the department concerning local or geodetic control points will be referred to the appropriate agency for action. The applicant will be notified when such action is taken.
(3) One application may be submitted for multiple monuments to be removed or destroyed as part of a single project; however, there shall be separate attachments to the application form detailing the required information for each monument removed or destroyed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 58.24.040(8). WSR 94-06-034 (Order 617), § 332-120-050, filed 2/25/94, effective 3/28/94; Order 131, § 332-120-050, filed 3/1/72, effective 4/7/72.]
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