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PDFWAC 332-120-060

Project completionPerpetuation of the original position.

(1) After completion of the activity that caused the removal or destruction of the monument, a land surveyor or engineer shall, unless specifically authorized otherwise:
(a) Reset a suitable monument at the original survey point or, if that is no longer feasible;
(b) Establish permanent witness monuments easily accessible from the original monument to perpetuate the position of the preexisting monument.
(2) Land boundary survey monumentation required by this chapter shall meet the requirements of the RCW 58.09.120 and 58.09.130.
(3) After completion of the remonumentation, the land surveyor or engineer shall complete the report form required by this chapter and forward it to the department.
(4) A record of survey or land corner record shall be completed as required by the Survey Recording Act to document the remonumentation in the public record.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 58.24.040(8). WSR 20-10-003, § 332-120-060, filed 4/23/20, effective 5/24/20; WSR 94-06-034 (Order 617), § 332-120-060, filed 2/25/94, effective 3/28/94.]
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