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PDFWAC 326-20-094

Assignment of North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code.

The office must grant certification to a business only for specific types of work the disadvantaged owner(s) have the ability to control. To become certified in an additional type of work, the business needs to demonstrate its owner(s) are able to control the business with respect to that type of work. The office must not require the business to recertify or submit a new certification application but verify the disadvantaged owner(s) control of the business in the additional type of work.
(1) The types of work a business can perform, whether at initial certification or when a new type is added, must be described in terms of the most specific available North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for that type of work. In addition to applying the appropriate NAICS code, the office may apply a descriptor from a classification scheme of equivalent detail and specificity. A correct NAICS code is one describing, as specifically as possible, the principle goods or services the business would provide to the state. Multiple NAICS codes may be assigned when appropriate. The office must rely on, and not depart from, the plain meaning of NAICS code descriptions in determining the scope of a business's certification.
(2) Businesses and recipients must check carefully to make sure the NAICS codes cited in a certification are current and accurately reflect work the office has determined the business owners can control. The business bears the burden of providing detailed company information the office needs to make an appropriate NAICS code designation.
(3) If a business believes there is not a NAICS code that fully or clearly describes the type(s) of work in which it is seeking to be certified, the business may request the office, in its certification documentation, supplement the assigned NAICS code(s) with a clear, specific, and detailed narrative description of the type of work in which the business is certified. A vague, general, or confusing description is not sufficient for this purpose, and recipients must not rely on such a description in determining whether a business's participation can be counted toward goals.
(4) The office is not precluded from changing a certification classification or description if there is a factual basis in the record. However, the office must not make after-the-fact statements about the scope of a certification, not supported by evidence in the record of the certification action.
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