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PDFWAC 315-10-020


(1) Ticket. The ticket purchased for participation in an instant game and any ticket used in media promotions and retailer incentive programs authorized by the director for an instant game.
(2) Instant game. A game in which a ticket is purchased and the ticket bearer determines his or her winnings, if any.
(3) Ticket bearer. The person who has signed the ticket or has possession of the unsigned ticket.
(4) Play symbols. The numbers or symbols appearing in the designated areas on the front and or the back of the ticket. Play symbols were formerly called play numbers. Both terms shall have the same meaning.
(5) Your(s). The ticket bearer's play area or areas (for example, "your hand(s)," "your card(s)," or "your roll(s)").
(6) Their(s). The opponent's play area or areas (for example, "their card(s)," or "their roll(s)").
(7) Validation number. The multidigit number found on the ticket and on any ticket stub. There must be a validation number on the ticket or any stub.
(8) Working papers or software requirement specifications. The documents providing production and winning ticket specifications for each instant ticket game.
(9) Scratch game. An instant game in which a ticket is purchased and, upon removal of a scratch-off coating on the front and or the back of the ticket, the ticket bearer determines his or her winning, if any.
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