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PDFWAC 315-10-022

Essential elements of instant game tickets.

The director shall establish in executed working papers or software requirement specifications for each instant game the specific form and location in which the following essential elements shall appear on each instant game ticket:
(1) Play field is generally the area that may contain play symbols, play symbol captions, prize symbols, prize symbol captions, and validation numbers;
(2) Play spots are the specific areas where play symbols are located;
(3) Play symbols are symbols, letters, or numbers appearing in each play spot of a ticket;
(4) Play symbol captions are small printed characters generally associated with each play symbol which may appear on the play field and correspond with and verify that play symbol. These captions spell out, in full or abbreviated form, the play symbol. There is only one play symbol caption for each play symbol, and each play symbol caption is associated with the three-digit ticket number;
(5) Prize symbols may be numeric or symbolic representations, printed either in a display printed prize legend or on the play field, which indicate the amount of money a player may win;
(6) Prize symbol captions may be small printed characters generally associated with each prize symbol appearing on the play field which correspond to and verify that prize symbol. The prize symbol caption is a spelling out, in full or abbreviated form, of the prize symbol;
(7) Validation number is a unique multidigit number on the ticket;
(8) Pack-ticket number is a number that may include the game, pack and ticket identifier;
(9) Retailer verification code is the code on the ticket that the lottery retailer uses to verify instant winners; and
(10) Odds of winning shall always appear on the back of the ticket.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040. WSR 08-11-043, § 315-10-022, filed 5/14/08, effective 6/14/08. Statutory Authority: Chapter 67.70 RCW. WSR 05-11-049, § 315-10-022, filed 5/13/05, effective 6/13/05. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040. WSR 97-04-047, § 315-10-022, filed 1/31/97, effective 3/3/97.]
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