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PDFWAC 315-04-220

Limited off premises sales permit.

(1) The director may permit any lottery retailer who has been issued a general or provisional license to sell tickets in locations other than that specified on its license and to employ persons to make such sales provided that:
(a) A lottery retailer requesting a "limited off premises sales permit" shall submit an application, completed in its entirety, using a form approved by the director.
(b) An application for a "limited off premises sales permit" for lottery tickets must be submitted to the lottery a minimum of thirty days prior to the event to provide adequate time for processing. Applications received after these time limits may not be approved.
(c) The geographical area and type of location in which such sales are requested shall be individually approved by the director.
(d) Each lottery retailer making such sales shall be individually approved by the director and shall display identification in such form and manner as shall be prescribed by the director.
(e) The lottery retailer and its employees shall abide by such other instructions and restrictions as may be prescribed by the director to govern such sales.
(2) Lottery retailers must redeem all tickets winning $600 or less presented for redemption at the off premises location and at their licensed location. The location of the licensed location must be posted at the off premises location. Lottery retailers must also provide claim forms to holders of tickets winning more than $600 at both locations.
(3) The "limited off premises sales permit" shall be valid for not more than thirty days and may be renewed twice, if approved by the director, for periods not to exceed thirty days each.
(4) Lottery retailers granted "limited off premises sales permits" will not be required to conduct other licensed business activities at the off premises locations.
(5) Lottery retailers granted "limited off premises sales permits" shall bear all costs associated with such sales including but not limited to construction of booths, stands, etc.; telephone line installation; telephone line charges and installation of a dedicated electric circuit, provided, that the director, in his/her sole discretion, may agree that the lottery will bear some or all of said associated costs.
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