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PDFWAC 314-23-065

What are "unfair trade practices"?

(1) "Unfair trade practice" means one retailer or industry member directly or indirectly influencing the purchasing, marketing, or sales decisions of another retailer or industry member by any agreement written or unwritten or any other business practices or arrangements such as, but not limited to, the following:
(a) Any form of coercion between industry members and retailers or between retailers and industry members through acts or threats of physical or economic harm, including threat of loss of supply or threat of curtailment of purchase;
(b) A retailer on an involuntary basis purchasing less than it would have of another industry member's product;
(c) Purchases made by a retailer or industry member as a prerequisite for purchase of other items;
(d) A retailer purchasing a specific or minimum quantity or type of a product or products from an industry member;
(e) An industry member requiring a retailer to take and dispose of a certain product type or quota of the industry member's products;
(f) A retailer having a continuing obligation to purchase or otherwise promote or display an industry member's product;
(g) An industry member having a continuing obligation to sell a product to a retailer;
(h) A retailer having a commitment not to terminate its relationship with an industry member with respect to purchase of the industry member's products or an industry member having a commitment not to terminate its relationship with a retailer with respect to the sale of a particular product or products;
(i) An industry member being involved in the day-to-day operations of a retailer or a retailer being involved in the day-to-day operations of an industry member in a manner that violates the provisions of this subsection;
(j) Discriminatory pricing practices as prohibited by law or other practices that are discriminatory in that the product is not offered to all retailers in the local market at the same price.
(2) The exercise of undue influence is an unfair trade practice and is prohibited.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 15-19-130, ยง 314-23-065, filed 9/21/15, effective 10/22/15.]
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