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PDFWAC 314-02-102

What are the requirements for a grocery store licensee to conduct beer and wine tastings?

(1) To be issued a beer and wine tasting endorsement, the licensee must meet the following criteria:
(a) The licensee operates a fully enclosed retail area encompassing at least ten thousand square feet. The board may issue the endorsement to a licensee with a retail area with less than ten thousand square feet if there is no licensee in the community that meets the ten thousand square foot requirement under the following conditions: There must be at least two employees on duty any time the licensee is conducting beer and wine tasting events. One employee must be dedicated to beer and wine tastings during these events;
(b) The licensee has not had more than one public safety administrative violation within the last two years. The two-year window is counted from two years prior to the date of the application for the beer and wine tasting endorsement. (See WAC 314-29-020 for a list of public safety violations.)
(2) In addition to the conditions in RCW 66.24.363, a beer and wine tasting must be conducted under the following:
(a) The licensee must provide a sketch of the tasting area. Fixed or moveable barriers are required around the tasting area to ensure persons under twenty-one years of age do not possess or consume alcohol;
(b) Signs advertising beer and wine tastings may not be placed in the windows or outside of the premises that can be viewed from the public right of way;
(c) Persons serving beer and wine during tasting events must hold a class 12 alcohol server permit.
(3) Licensees are required to send a list of scheduled beer and wine tastings to their regional enforcement office at the beginning of each month. The date and time for each beer and wine tasting must be included.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.24.363, 66.24.660 and 66.08.030. WSR 14-02-001, § 314-02-102, filed 12/18/13, effective 1/18/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030 and 66.24.363. WSR 11-01-133, § 314-02-102, filed 12/21/10, effective 1/21/11.]
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