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PDFWAC 314-02-100

What is a grocery store license?

(1) Per RCW 66.24.360, a grocery store license allows a licensee to sell beer and/or wine for off-premises consumption.
(2) The annual fee for this license is one hundred fifty dollars.
(3) In order to obtain and maintain a grocery store license, the premises must be stocked with an inventory of at least three thousand dollars wholesale value of food for human consumption, not including soft drinks, beer, or wine. This minimum inventory must be:
(a) Stocked within the confines of the licensed premises; and
(b) Maintained at the premises at all times the business is licensed, with the exception of:
(i) The beginning and closing inventory for seasonal operations; or
(ii) When the inventory is being sold out immediately prior to discontinuing or selling the business.
(4) A grocery store licensee may sell beer in kegs or other containers holding at least four gallons and less than five and one-half gallons of beer. See WAC 314-02-115 regarding keg registration requirements.
(5) A grocery store licensee may sell beer and wine over the internet. See WAC 314-03-020 regarding internet sales and delivery.
(6) A grocery store applicant or licensee may apply for an international exporter endorsement for five hundred dollars a year, which allows the sale of beer and wine for export to locations outside the United States.
(7) A grocery store applicant or licensee may apply for a beer and wine tasting endorsement which allows beer and wine tastings on the grocery store premises. The annual fee for this endorsement is two hundred dollars.
(8) A grocery store licensee may apply for an endorsement to sell beer and cider growlers.
(a) The licensee must have sales from beer and wine exceeding fifty percent of their total revenues or maintain an alcohol inventory of not less than fifteen thousand dollars.
(b) Beer and cider must be sold in sanitary containers provided by the purchaser, licensee or the manufacturer and filled by the employee at the time of purchase.
(c) The taps must be located behind a counter where only employees have access or the taps must have locks preventing use unless unlocked and operated by an employee.
(d) Only employees of the licensee are permitted to operate the taps.
(e) All employees operating a tap must hold a class 12 alcohol server permit.
(f) The cost for the endorsement is one hundred twenty dollars.
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