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PDFWAC 308-94A-020

Display of off-road/nonhighway vehicle use permit decals and validation tabs.

(1) How do I display the off-road/nonhighway vehicle use permit number and validation tabs on my vehicle? Display off-road/nonhighway use permit number and validation tabs by:
(a) Affixing the decals provided by the department to the right and left side or on the rear of the off-road vehicle. The decals must be visible at all times; or
(b) Painting the vehicle use permit number in a manner that is readily legible and visible at all times. The characters must be at least one-inch high with a minimum of one-eighth inch stroke and in a color contrasting with the background; and
(c) Reading from left to right; and
(d) Affixing the validation month tab issued by the department no more than two inches in front of the beginning of the annual use permit decal number; and
(e) Affixing the validation year tab no more than two inches following the last digit in the annual use permit decal number.
(2) Is a license plate required if my off-road/nonhighway vehicle is registered for dual use? Yes, the license plate must be displayed in the same manner as required for highway use.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. WSR 01-13-008, § 308-94A-020, filed 6/8/01, effective 7/9/01; WSR 99-24-013, § 308-94A-020, filed 11/22/99, effective 12/23/99.]
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