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PDFWAC 308-90-080

Registration fee—Renewal.

What fees do I pay for the vessel dealer registration, its renewal and dealer decals?
(1) Any firm desiring to be a dealer must include with the application the required registration fee of one hundred twenty dollars.
(2) Vessel dealers must reapply for a registration on or before the expiration of their registration.
(3) The annual registration renewal fee of sixty dollars must be paid on or before each renewal date. If an application for renewal is not received by the department on or before the last day of the expiration month the registration is expired. The registration may be reinstated at any time within the next succeeding thirty days if renewal application and payment of the annual renewal fee, then in default, are received by the department. Registrations not renewed within thirty days of the renewal date shall be cancelled. A new registration may be obtained by satisfying the procedures and qualifications for initial registration.
(4) If no department denial action is pending, the department shall issue a vessel dealer registration and renewal decals depicting the expiration of the registration upon receipt of a dealer's renewal fee and renewal application. The dealer shall affix the decal as a prefix to the dealer registration number on any vessels operated on the waters pursuant to RCW 88.02.023. The fee for the initial decal shall be forty dollars. Additional decals may be issued for a fee of twenty dollars for each set.
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