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PDFWAC 308-90-070

Dealer registration numbers.

How do I use my dealer registration number and my registration card?
(1) The department shall assign a registration number to each firm registered as a dealer. In addition, the department shall issue a registration card, as ordered by the dealer, indicating the dealer number and separate suffix letters. The registration number shall be consistent with the standard numbering system for vessels set forth in volume 33, part 174, of the Code of Federal Regulations. (Example: WN 7XXX —)
(2) Dealer registration numbers may be displayed on vessels owned by the dealer when being operated on the water pursuant to RCW 88.02.023. No two vessels may display the same dealer registration number at the same time. The dealer registration card corresponding to the displayed registration number must be kept inside the vessel during such operation.
(3) Dealer registration numbers shall be displayed in three inch block numbers/letters on both sides of the forward one-half of the vessel. Dealer registration numbers may be affixed to a removable display fixture. The numbers/letters shall be displayed in a single line.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.02.100. WSR 02-05-073, § 308-90-070, filed 2/20/02, effective 3/23/02; WSR 96-24-042, § 308-90-070, filed 11/27/96, effective 12/28/96. Statutory Authority: 1987 c 149 § 1. WSR 88-03-038 (Order DLR-162), § 308-90-070, filed 1/19/88. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 7. WSR 83-14-061 (Order 722 DOL), § 308-90-070, filed 7/1/83.]
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