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PDFWAC 308-48-200

Report of internship registration, termination, transfer and credit.

(1) The responsibility for notifying the director, department of licensing of internship registration and termination rests with the licensee sponsor. In order to protect the status of the intern in cases where the employing licensee fails to initiate the required report of registration or termination, the affected intern should initiate and ensure submission of same. The notification shall be certified by signature of the sponsor.
(2) No credit for internship will be allowed for any period during which the intern is not registered pursuant to RCW 18.39.120. In the event an intern's sponsor dies or is otherwise incapable of certifying internship credit, such credit may be given by certification by another licensed funeral director or embalmer who has knowledge of the work performed and the credit due or by documentation or reasonable proof of such credit as determined by the board.
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