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PDFWAC 308-47-050

Processing human remains following reduction.

(1) Upon completion of the reduction process, the end products must be removed from the reduction chamber, with the exception of residue.
(2) The end products must be placed within an individual container or tray in such a way that will prevent commingling with other human remains following reduction.
(3) Identification must be attached to the container or tray.
(4) All human remains following reduction must undergo processing to comply with applicable legal requirements.
(5) Processing of human remains following reduction may not be required if human remains are placed in a cemetery, mausoleum, or columbarium, or if religious or cultural beliefs oppose the practice.
(6) All body prostheses, bridgework, or similar items removed from the human remains following reduction during processing will be disposed of by the reduction facility, as directed by the authorizing agent.
(7) If the reduction facility recycles metals or implants found during processing, the authorizing agent(s) must be advised in writing prior to reduction.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 68.05.105 and 18.39.175. WSR 20-09-031, § 308-47-050, filed 4/6/20, effective 5/7/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.39.175(4). WSR 02-19-019, § 308-47-050, filed 9/9/02, effective 10/10/02.]
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